Stretching & Mobility

This class will be livestreamed.

This class has been specifically designed to help people to improve their flexibility. If you want to do the splits, improve your back bend or just touch your toes, join Stretching & Mobility/Flex.

A variety of stretching techniques will be used including isometric and dynamic stretching. This means that you will be not only improving your flexibility, but also burning calories and conditioning your body in order to achieve the best kind of flexibility – ‘active flexibility’. Stretching is a great treat for your body. All of our students are encouraged to participate in Stretching & Mobility/Flex to help improve balance in the body, decrease the chances of becoming injured and for general relaxation.

FAQs Stretching & Mobility/Flex classes

I am a beginner can I join?

This class is 100% suitable for beginners. You can work at your own pace and level. Everyone has areas for improvement when it comes to flexibility.

Do I need to be flexible to join this class?

No, you can join us because you want to improve your personal flexibility. You will not be pressured to perform exercises you are not ready for.

I only want to do Stretching & Mobility/Flex can I join the studio?

We are only offering one fixed rate for our livestream classes. Please see our Prices page.

What do I wear and what do I bring for Stretching & Mobility/Flex?

Wear gym clothing and use a yoga mat or large towel.