Pole Classes on Zoom

Descents – Ways to Get Down from the Pole!
With Tracey via Zoom Tuesday 02/06/20

18:00-19:00 SA
17:00-18:00 UK
Pole Studio SA members may use credits.
June Special offer 4 Zoom classes for R320 or 8 Zoom classes for R600.

This Class will be suitable for Intermediate Levels +

You will need a pole at home and a safety mat.

What will be covered in the class?

*Overall Strengthening & flexibility
*Innovative ways out of moves:
  -TG Handspring, Brass Monkey, Inside Elbow Switch Down. 
*Controlled ways to get down:
 -Fold Downs.

Please complete the registration form and online class disclaimer below to register, if it is your first Zoom pole class with us.

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