Pole & Aerial Showcase at the Arnolds

We are looking for showcase performers to perform throughout the weekend 17th-19th May on our main stage at Arnold Classic Africa 2019.

Sandton Convention Centre, Maude Street, Johannesburg, South Africa.
17th/18th/19th May 2019.

Showcase performance times are to be discussed with the organisers and may happen throughout the weekend. You may also have the chance to perform more than once.

If you love performing, but perhaps competing isn’t really your thing please enter to take part as a showcase performer.

We are looking for performers of all ages from intermediate level upwards.

Solo performers on Pole, Aerial Lyra/Hoop and Aerial Silks.

Duet performers on Pole or Aerial Lyra/Hoop.

Group performances are also possible on Poles, or Aerial Lyra/Hoop.

The entry fee is R200 per showcase performer. Showcase performers are only asked to pay for their entry once the organisers have watched the (majority of the) proposed performance on video or have received a written description of the proposed performance. Entry fees include entry to the exhibition all weekend.

Final showcase performer entries are due by 19th April 2019.

But please let us know sooner if you are interested in performing so we have time to discuss your performance and plan the schedule.

Can I enter from another country?
Yes, both local and international performers are invited to take part. International competitors are responsible for their own visa, travel and accommodation requirements. We can offer guidance on where to stay in the area.

Does is matter which studio I train at and what if I do not belong to a studio?
Everyone is welcome to enter on behalf of themselves or any studio! If you want to come and advertise your studio at the event please talk to the organisers.

What is required to enter the Pole & Aerial Showcase?
Video entry or showcase description, entry form, payment (only once your showcase has been approved), ID copy or passport copy, parental consent if under 18.

Music for Showcase Performers.
Music is due on or before the music deadline which is normally two weeks before the final event.
Showcase performer music may be between three and four minutes long. Music can be with or without words.
Explicit or offensive lyrics are prohibited.
Music must be sent via email, WeTransfer, OneDrive, Google drive or Dropbox link on or before the music submission date.
Music submitted must be in MP3 format.
Music must be titled with the performers name and song name. E.g. JaneSmith_SongChoice.

No high heels may be worn.
Make-up and costume must be age-appropriate for competitors under 18.
Performers may not perform in lingerie or a G-string as their costume.
Female competitors may not perform topless.
Male performers may perform topless.
No rings are to be worn by competitors at any time while performing or competing.
No jewellery is to be worn by competitors at any time while performing or competing.
Costumes may not expose the nipple (female), excessive breast/cleavage (female), buttocks or groin area.
Outer costumes such as jackets, capes and hats may be removed, providing that the Performer is suitably dressed underneath.
Exotic style or sexually provocative performances are strictly prohibited. Fire, liquid, powder or other potentially dangerous props are prohibited.

Props for the Showcase
Props may be used, but they must be approved by the organiser at least two weeks before the event.Fire, liquid, powder or other potentially dangerous props are prohibited.No props are allowed that could damage the poles, stage or people.No animal props or other morally or ethically questionable props are allowed.
Photography/FilmingPerformers agree to be filmed throughout the competition at the venue before, during and after the event, while at the venue. All photography and footage remains the property of Arnold Classic Africa and the organisers or the pole competitions. Performers agree that all photography and footage can be used by Arnold Classic and the organisers of the pole competitions for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes. Individual or group performer photos may be available for sale after the event. The photographer will contact the performers individually.

Staging, Poles, Equipment & Spacing
Please refer to ‘Pole Art Performance Competition’ and ‘Aerial Lyra/Hoop and Silks Competition’ for relevant equipment and staging information.

Rights of the Organisers
Organisers reserve the right to:
Change event and rehearsal times as necessary.
Record the showcase and distribute the material.
Eliminate videos or photographs that are unsuitable for publication.
The organisers do not take responsibility for any loss, damages or injury to the competitors when training for the competition, or on the day of the competition.

Showcase Performer Rules and Regulations
The following Rules and Regulations form part of the agreement entered into by all performers taking part in this showcase.
Any breach of these Rules and Regulations results in performer disqualification.
Performers under 18 years old must be chaperoned by a parent or guardian. Parents and guardians must purchase tickets to enter the exhibition.
The performer must submit a copy of a valid ID document/ Passport upon entry.
Drugs and alcohol are prohibited before and during the event.
Exotic style or sexually provocative performances are prohibited.
Nudity and sexually explicit actions are prohibited during performances and at all times during the event.
Costume, hair & make-up, routines or actions must not be negatively discriminatory, ethically, politically or morally questionable.
Respectful treatment of other performers, competitors, judges, organisers, venue staff, helpers and spectators is expected at all times.
All performers must be willing to represent the event and all affiliated parties/sponsors in a positive light before, during and after the event.
All performers must observe Costume, Hair & Make-up and Grip Aid Rules.
Performers may not be knowingly pregnant on the day of event.
Performers must show up on time. If late, participation may be refused.
No refunds for entry fees are given under any circumstances.

Showcase performers will only be asked to pay for their entry once it has been approved by an organiser.

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