Aerial Hoop Love Sex Expo Special Offer

Special Offer from The Lyra Project only for attendees of The Love Sex Expo 2019

Special Offer on Two Months Membership at The Lyra Project in Pretoria.

Get more than 50% off on classes with this offer!

Sign up now for only R550 per month, for two consecutive months.

You can attend 24 Aerial Hoop classes with two-month with this special offer.

Location: The Lyra Project (within The Pole Studio), Upstairs at Lynnburn Centre, Lynnburn Road, Lynnwood, Pretoria.

This special offer membership must be started by 1st February 2020.

Aerial Hoop is one of the most fun ways of building strength, toning up, improving mobility and getting fit using your own body weight.

More About Aerial Hoop/Lyra:
It is a unique piece of apparatus originating from circus arts. It is a 100cm diametre circular steel ring that provides the perfect frame for acrobatic, bodyweight exercises. It provides an excellent platform for an endless combination of transitions and fluid movements.

The Aerial Hoop requires a skillful balance of strength, stamina, and flexibility, something which you will progressively work on during the classes. As with any aerial skill, the core muscles are essential in being able to execute moves with confidence. The Aerial Hoop particularly targets upper body muscle groups, improving your range of motion and active flexibility.

Weekly Aerial Hoop Class Schedule at The Lyra Project:

Monday: 18:00-18:55
Wednesday: 18:00-18:55
Thursday: 16:00-16:55 & 19:00-19:55
Saturday 10:00-10:55 & 11:00-11:55


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