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Please get in touch if you’d like to join us for our livestream classes.

Pilates, Off-Pole Conditioning, Stretching, Barre & Dance are included on our livestream.

You won’t need any special equipment to take part in these workouts.

All livestream videos will stay up for one week on our private Facebook group.

Livestream fee: R400/£20 per month.

Schedule for May 2020 Facebook Livestream and Zoom drop-in Classes:

Sundays 16:00

30-minute workout to focus on a specific area. For example, ‘Glute Workout, ‘Ab Workout’! A short but intense workout, designed to diminish the Sunday blues, tone-up and burn calories.

Mondays 17:00 

45-minute full-body conditioning class. This class will incorporate exercises for the legs, core, abs, back and arms. Some workouts will involve more isometric (static) endurance training, other workouts may be more dynamic and cardio-centric. Stretching will always be included. 

Tuesdays 16:00

Pilates. Calm, controlled strengthening of the core and stabilising muscles. While our other conditioning classes focus more on the global muscles (big superficial muscles) and breaking a sweat, Pilates is (even) more form-focused. We’ll work on those muscles that make up the core, support the spine and contribute to great posture and correct alignment. Pilates is also an excellent way to work on your mind-body connection, therefore making it easier for you to master movement in general.

Tuesdays 18:00

Zoom Pole Class. R90 Drop-in with Tracey. 
Intermediate Levels +.
A specific pole movement will be covered in detail each week.
For more information, and what the next class will be, visit this page: 

Tuesdays 19:30

45-minute full-body conditioning with Mirna. The same idea as Monday’s session, only this time with our resident bodyweight training expert, Mirna Stevanovic. This class may not happen each week!

Wednesdays 17:00 

Zoom Stretch Class. R90 Drop-in with Tracey. 
Each week we will either be doing split focused or back focused stretching. These areas of ‘focus’ involve more than you might think. During a splits class, we’ll work on hip mobility, hip stability, pelvic positioning, dynamic, static and isometric stretching of the muscle groups involved in either the middle or front split, depending on the focus that day. Back stretching involves spinal mobility and spinal stability, hip and pelvic positioning, as well as, shoulder, neck and chest stretching. Our approach to each stretch class is to improve flexibility AND build strength in your stretches. 
Please find more details and book here: 

Thursdays 17:00

45-minute full-body conditioning class. As per Monday’s description, but not that same workout as Monday. We’ll keep it fresh. 

Thursdays 18:00

Contemporary Dance techniques with Tania on Thursdays until 7th May. These classes are an introduction to the principles of contemporary dance. Being confident basic movement techniques will have a huge, positive impact your pole choreography and performance. Thank you to Tania for sharing her love for dance!

Fridays 17:00

Zoom Pole Class. R90 Drop-in with Tracey. 
This class will cover ‘Pole Icons’ and how to achieve them perfectly. We’ll cover 2-3 Pole Icons each lesson, depending on the level of difficulty of the Icons chosen.
Find out about Pole Icons, download the full moves lists and book your Pole Icon Zoom session here:

Saturdays 07:00 

Barre Fitness. We use a sturdy chair since we don’t normally have ballet barres at home. During barre class, we’ll work on feet, ankles, legs, glutes, core, back and arms. Barre is a fusion of dance, body-weight fitness and Pilates. Follow-the-teacher sequences are performed along with upbeat (aerobic style!) music. Each sequence will incorporate a number of exercise aims, yet what all sequences have in common is the BURN you’ll feel in your muscles as they are getting stronger. 

Saturdays 08:00 

Flexibility & Mobility Class. Stretching is an essential part of physical training and injury prevention. By increasing your range of motion, you can correct physical imbalances that have occurred through daily pursuits and sporting activities. Various stretching techniques will be used, including isometric and dynamic stretching. This means that you will be not only improving your range of motion but also conditioning your body to achieve active flexibility. All levels are welcome, you don’t need to be flexible to join this class. 

Saturdays 09:15

Zoom Pilates Class. R90 Drop-in with Tracey. 
A challenging 1-Hour Pilates class. For more details on Pilates and to book please visit our website.

All Facebook Live(-stream) videos stay up on our member’s only page for at least one week, so if you cannot make the class time, you can catch up later.

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