Learn Online

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, we are now livestreaming weekly classes for members. Classes include Pilates, Stretching, Off-Pole Conditioning, Sensual Floorwork, and private live pole lessons for those with suitable home training facilities. Please get in touch if you’d like to join. Times are listed on our timetable page.

The Pole Studio owner Tracey Simmonds also offers online Pole Fitness lessons via prerecorded online classes have been available since May 2018.

You will learn how strengthen and stretch to achieve specific pole moves, making those seemingly impossible moves possible!

Detailed tutorials are released each month including strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as in-depth tutorials of each pole move which is put together in a combination.

Beginner/Intermediate AND Intermediate/Advanced tutorials every month for only $6.

Here are some free sample preview videos.

Please visit for more information.