Glutes, Legs and Feet – Charity Class

This class took place on Saturday 6th February. 

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Free My Meal is a non profit organisation founded in August 2020. They create connections between people who need a meal, with people who can provide a meal. It’s all in aid of the Free My Meal Fund. Please support this incredible cause! 

During this 1 hour 15 minute class we focused on strength and conditioning for the glutes, legs and feet.

What’s included in the class recording? 

*Downloadable video link

10 Foot, ankle and toe exercises to strengthen and perfect your point.

Unlock the hip flexors and activate your glutes for a perfect split. 

Pelvic positioning for the best psoas major, iliacus, TFL and rectus femoris stretches. 

Know your butt – 10 butt exercises done with technique and precision. 

Hamstrings and calves stretching for perfect lines.

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