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Saturday 25th January 2020 13:30-15:00
40 Minutes of Pole Fitness & 40 Minutes of Aerial Hoop Fitness.

@The Pole Studio, Upstairs at Lynnburn Centre, Lynnburn Road, Lynnwood, Pretoria.



Aerial Hoop is one of the most fun ways of building strength, toning the body, improving mobility and getting fit. It is a unique piece of apparatus originating from circus arts. It is a 90 or 100cm diameter steel ring that provides the perfect frame for acrobatic, body weight exercises. It also provides an excellent platform for an endless combination of moves, transitions and fluid movements and drops.

The Aerial Hoop requires a skilful balance of strength, stamina and flexibility, something which you will progressively work on during your classes. Not only is Aerial Hoop a fun and exciting way to develop physically, it is also a wonderful way to develop confidence and self expression.

As with any aerial skill, the core muscles are essential in being able to execute moves with confidence. The Aerial Hoop particularly targets upper body muscle groups, improving your range of motion and active flexibility.




Pole Fitness classes are becoming more popular as they are suitable for all fitness levels and varying abilities. These days, women and men are taking up Pole Fitness as an exciting alternative to the traditional core, strength and conditioning training.

If you don’t imagine yourself flying around the pole with the ease of a circus performer, don’t worry that’s not what Pole Fitness classes are about. A variety of floor and pole based bodyweight exercises, targeting the whole body, with particular attention to the core and arms, are taught by a certified instructor. During your first pole fitness class, you definitely won’t be expected to lift yourself off the floor onto a pole but you will be building your strength, endurance, and overall fitness.

Believe it or not, it won’t be long before you are climbing and spinning yourself!

Our beginner classes will introduce you to the basics of Pole Fitness including transitions, floor work, spins, and basic tricks.

The aim of our beginner level classes is to build your confidence on and around the pole. We encourage you to ‘go for it’ and have fun – every poler has had to learn from the start at one time or another! So don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

After a few weeks, we start teaching you more demanding spins, transitions, dance moves, and tricks. You will also be introduced to the first steps of inverting (going upside down) and conditioning techniques to aid your strength and fitness.

What to wear!

Wear something that you feel comfortable in that does not restrict movement. Gym clothing is fine. You do not need to wear shorts for the first few lessons however exposing skin on the legs (and arms) allows you to grip on to the pole. If you feel shy about wearing shorts you can wear tracksuit trousers at first.

Lycra shorts are recommended.

In order to protect our poles and your belongings, jewellery must be removed prior to commencing a class.

You can wear trainers, ballet shoes or go barefoot for our pole fitness classes.

What not wear!

Do not apply oils or lotions to the skin prior to your pole class. They will make you slip off the pole!

Do not bring jewellery or valuable items to the studio.

More about The Pole Studio Pretoria

The Pole Studio was established in Pretoria nearly ten years ago by former international competitor Tracey Simmonds. The Pole Studio is a UK company with over 17 studios in England.

At The Pole Studio SA, we have a variety of classes available to our members, including;
Beginner Pole, Beginner & Intermediate Pole, Intermediate Pole, Sensual Pole, Barre Fitness, Stretching, and Pilates! Members can choose which classes they wish to attend each week.

We offer flexible membership options:

There is a 10% discount available for students.

1 Class per week monthly payment: R638

2 Classes per week monthly payment: R715

Up to four classes per week monthly payment: R935

3 Months upfront payment up to four classes per week: R2090

6 Months upfront payment up to four classes per week: R3850

We utilise a convenient online booking and membership management system called ‘Itensity’. An app can be downloaded to your phone to book your classes.

Full class descriptions are on our website.

Studio Address & Directions:
Lynnburn Centre, Unit 2 (Upstairs). 69 Lynnburn Road, Lynnwood Manor. Directions to the studio: From N1 Northbound (from JHB), take Lynnwood Road off-ramp and turn right over the N1 highway. Turn off Lynnwood Road, down Daventry Street (between Glenfair and Lynnwood Bridge Centres- Atterbury Theatre). Turn right at circle/Caltex garage. Drive along Lynnburn Road approx 1km. Turn right into small shopping centre, Lynnburn Centre. Go to the stair gate to the left of the Cafe, at the centre of the building and buzz us on the intercom that says The Pole Studio.  We are next to the carpet/blinds shop upstairs.

We are on Google Maps as The Pole Studio South Africa.

The Pole Studio Team!
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