Beginner Pole

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R550 per person.

At The Pole Studio, Lynnburn Centre, Lynnburn Road, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria.

This 5-week special-offer beginner pole fitness course will introduce you to all the basics, including pole conditioning, transitions, floor work, spins and basic tricks. Towards the end of the course, you’ll even start learning how to go upside down on a pole.

Want to lose weight? During a pole fitness class, you’ll be toning up and burning calories while having fun!

Pole fitness as an exciting alternative to the traditional core, strength and conditioning training. Even if you feel that you have zero upper body strength, we will show you how to build your strength and endurance using the pole as the ultimate bodyweight training tool.

You’ll benefit from our fifteen years experience in pole fitness teaching during this beginners only course. We’ll teach you how to safely progress, build your strength, improve your flexibility and learn some impressive, gravity-defying pole moves.

We are adhering to social distancing rules, and you won’t be sharing poles – meaning more time on the pole for you!

Learn our pole conditioning for full-body toning:
Shoulder Pull-Ups
Pole Press
Bicep Leans
Arm Hang
Arm Hold
Tuck Lift
Pole Stand Strengthening
Pole Sit Pull-Ups

Learn our moves and make a pole routine:
Outside Step
Tango Turns
Standing Slide
Fireman Spin
Front Hook & Back Hook Spin
Attitude Spin
Sword Spin
Turning Climb
Pole Sit
Leg Release
Invert Prep!

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