Beginner Pole Course

15th April – 13th May 2021.
17:00-17:55 Thursdays.
R550 per person.

At The Pole Studio, Lynnburn Centre, Lynnburn Road, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria. On Google Maps as The Pole Studio SA.

This 5-week special-offer beginner pole fitness course will introduce you to all the basics, including pole conditioning, transitions, floor work, spins and basic tricks. Towards the end of the course, you’ll even start learning how to go upside down on a pole.

Want to lose weight? During a pole fitness class, you’ll be toning up and burning calories while having fun!

Pole fitness as an exciting alternative to the traditional core, strength and conditioning training. Even if you feel that you have zero upper body strength, we will show you how to build your strength and endurance using the pole as the ultimate bodyweight training tool.

You’ll benefit from our fifteen years experience in pole fitness teaching during this beginners only course. We’ll teach you how to safely progress, build your strength, improve your flexibility and learn some impressive, gravity-defying pole moves.

We are adhering to social distancing rules, and you won’t be sharing poles – meaning more time on the pole for you!

Learn our pole conditioning for full-body toning:
Shoulder Pull-Ups
Pole Press
Bicep Leans
Arm Hang
Arm Hold
Tuck Lift
Pole Stand Strengthening
Pole Sit Pull-Ups

Learn our moves and make a pole routine:
Outside Step
Tango Turns
Standing Slide
Fireman Spin
Front Hook & Back Hook Spin
Attitude Spin
Sword Spin
Turning Climb
Pole Sit
Leg Release
Invert Prep!

FAQs on Starting Pole Fitness:

Am I too old / Overweight / Weak?

You’re never too old to take up pole! We teach pupils in their 50’s and 60’s!
We will help you lose weight and gain strength, so the simple answer is no. Everyone starts somewhere! If you are particularly concerned about your weight please contact us to discuss.

Is there an age limit for Pole Fitness classes?

Participants under the age of 18 must have consent from a parent or guardian and be observed by their parent/guardian in their first class.

How long does it take to complete each level of Pole Fitness?

This varies enormously from person to person. It also depends how many classes you attend each week. If you attend two or more pole classes per week, with appropriate rest periods between sessions, you can progress more quickly than people who only attend once per week. Our levels are very comprehensive! On average, with consistent training, our beginner level can be completed within 6-12 months. Intermediate level can be completed in 12-24 months. Therefore as rough guideline, advanced level Pole Fitness training can commence after 2-3 years of training.

When will I see the physical results of pole fitness?

This also depends on individual differences, consistency of training, diet and lifestyle.
Our clients have reported to see results within five weeks. The first benefits reported, aside from feeling great, are weight loss and improved muscle tone.

What shall I wear?

Wear something that you feel comfortable in that does not restrict movement. Gym clothing is fine. Exposing skin on the legs (and arms) allows you to grip on to the pole.

Lycra shorts are recommended. Cotton On and Sportsman’s Warehouse usually have tight-fitting shorts in stock.

In order to protect our poles and your belongings, jewellery must be removed prior to commencing a class.

You can wear trainers, ballet shoes or go barefoot for our pole fitness classes.

What should I not wear?

Do not apply oils or lotions to the skin prior to your pole class. They will make you slip off the pole!

Do not bring jewellery or valuable items to the studio.

Make sure you bring your own water.

Bring a hand towel. Although the poles will be thoroughly cleaned before your class, you will find it useful to regularly dry your hands and dry the pole to prevent slipping.

If you are asthmatic please bring your own inhaler and let your instructor know where it is so she can access it if necessary.

Do not eat any later than two hours prior to your class. This can help for some people who experience motion sickness.

While you are perfecting new moves on the pole there is a risk that you will get bruises and/or friction burns. Some people bruise more easily than others.

The above page is general advice and The Pole Studio accepts no liability resulting from any advice taken from this page. If you have any particular concerns please consult your doctor as soon as possible.