Pole Art SA 2017

Pole Art SA took place on 3rd June 2017 at the Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria. It really was a great success and we enjoyed every single moment of it!

Our most sincere thanks go out to those of you who supported Pole Art SA this year.

We are very grateful for all of the volunteers who assisted at the event, the audience members who came out to cheer us on, as well as all of the performers who worked extremely hard for months in the run up to the competition to produce their immaculate performances.

All of the hard work paid off tremendously as we witnessed the most spectacular and inspiring performances from all of our competitors, the standard of which soared above any competition we have hosted so far!

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Natalie Sloane Winner of the Elite Division Pole Art SA 2017

Our team of judges and helpers kindly volunteered to work at Pole Art SA 2017 so that more funds could be raised for the South African Pole Sports athletes participating in the World Pole Sports Championships in Holland this July!

Thank you to our sponsors for providing gifts for our hard-working, talented performers. Aerial Fitness Factory, Itac2, Twisted Star, Pure Romance and Dynamique Nouveau.

Thank you to Fresh Concepts for sponsoring our excellent competition poles for the evening.

Congratulations to everyone who performed at Pole Art SA 3rd June 2017. Our top placers in each division are as follows….


Amateur Division

1st Meagan Olivier

2nd Donna Lortan

3rd Charlotte Ann Taylor-Debortoli

Intermediate Division

1st Ulrike Lottering

2nd Natasha Rech

3rd Kirsty Becker

Professional Duet Division

1st Charlotte Ann Taylor-Debortoli & Sonia Keil

2nd Chantelle du Randt & Marinique Backer

Professional Division

1st Candice Levy

2nd Win Khine

3rd Tania Becker

Elite Division

1st Natalie Sloane

2nd Venessa Chatterton

3rd Melanie Martin



Please contact us if you have any questions about Pole Art SA or upcoming Pole Sports events.