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What is  IPSF Artistic Pole and should I take part?

Artistic Pole is one of the newer competitive events created by the International Pole Sports Federation. Artistic Pole was first launched in July 2017 at the World Pole Sports Championships in Holland. For the current competition season, 2017/2018, Artistic Pole will form part of IPSF endorsed competitions at a national level for the first time. Visit the International Pole Sports Federation website to find out more.

Artistic Pole will run alongside the SA Pole Sports Federation National Pole Sport Competition as a separate event called ‘National Artistic Pole Competition’.

All athletes wishing to explore their creative side are invited to take part!

Artistic Divisions include Amateur, Semi-Professional and Professional level. Age groups from 14 – 50+, including men and women, there is also a Mixed Doubles division.

Athletes must be over 18 to participate in the World Artistic Pole Championships, but may be 14 or over to compete at a national or regional Artistic Pole event.

“Artistic Pole can be considered to be the softer more artistically inclined sibling of Pole Sports, encourages creativity and emboldens freedom of expression with more emphasis on artistic interpretation and is judged by the newly created Freestyle Pole Series Rules, which does not include a Code of Points, but relies more heavily on art, choreography and musicality”. IPSF 2017.

There are NO compulsory move requirements in Artistic Pole!

What will be judged at Artistic Pole (in brief)?
Choreography, execution, presentation and deductions.
Each performance needs to be centred around a theme and tell a story.
Technical pole skills are also assessed and added to the athlete’s final score.

Please email us for your copy of IPSF Artistic Pole Scoring and Rules 2017-2018.

Gauteng Pole Provincials 3rd March 2018

Pole Sport and Artistic Pole events will be taking place at the Gauteng Pole Provincials on 3rd March 2018 in Pretoria.

This fun and friendly mini event doubles up as a qualifier for our National Pole Sport & Artistic Pole Competition which takes place on 5th/6th May 2018 in Johannesburg.

Pole Sport Divisions:
SAPSF Bronze – Beginner
SAPSF Silver – Intermediate
IPSF Amateur – Advanced
IPSF Professional – Professional
IPSF Elite – Elite/Top Level

If you take part in the Gauteng Pole Provincials you will receive comprehensive judging feedback on your routines allowing you to further develop your performance, change your moves etc., prior to the final National event.

Entries (no video required to enter) for the Gauteng Pole Provincials are due by 19th February 2018. Enter via:

If you are unable to participate in the Gauteng Pole Provincials but you want to enter the National Pole Sport and/or National Artistic Pole Competition you can send your video (and score forms for Pole Sport) entry by 4th March 2018. We understand that your routine may not be 100% complete by March 2018 in preparation for the final National event in May 2018, this will be taken into account.


National Pole Sports Competition 2018 (NPSC)

NPSC 2018 will take place on 5th/6th May 2018.

Japari School, 1-3 Dundalk Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg.

The NPSC 2018 has been officially endorsed by the International Pole Sports Federation. Elite Division winners, 1st and 2nd place, of  NPSC 2018 will receive granted entry into the World Pole Sports Championship.

The IPSF Judging system and Code of Points will be in place for NPSC 2018. All athletes will be required to structure their routines based on the Code of Points 2017/2018.

Pole Sport Divisions:
SAPSF Bronze – Beginner
SAPSF Silver – Intermediate
IPSF Amateur – Advanced
IPSF Professional – Professional
IPSF Elite – Elite/Top Level

Enter by video entry by 4 March 2018 OR enter by participating in the Gauteng Pole Sport Provincials 3 March 2018.

Enter via:

Please email us for your copy of the Code Of Points 2017/18.


Pole Art Cape Town 2018

28th July, Cape Town.


Pole Art South Africa (Pretoria) 2018

6th October, Atterbury Theatre, Pretoria.




Please contact us for coaching for competitive events and if you have any questions about entering 





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