Aerial Silks


Aerial Silks


Private Silks Classes

Private classes available all year round!

Venue: The Pole Studio Pretoria


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About Aerial Silks Courses:

Aerial Silks Courses will cover Beginner Level – Intermediate Level Aerial Silk conditioning exercises, tricks and combinations. Short routines are built upon each week of the course.

This art form embodies the perfect balance between beauty and strength.

Fitness training on Aerial Silks also offers rigorous training for the whole body.


I am a beginner can I join?

Yes, the Beginner 1 course is for absolute beginners. Basic techniques are carefully worked through, before progressing to the next level.

Do I need to have reached a certain level in pole fitness before I can join Aerial Silks?

No, you can just do Aerial Silks if you want to, even if you have never done pole, or do not intend to start pole.

The techniques and routines of each level on Aerial Silks need to be achieved before progressing upwards. This means that you can repeat each level as many times as you like.

Do I need to be flexible to join Aerial Silks Courses?

You do not need to be flexible to complete the Beginner Level Aerial Silks Courses. We do include conditioning and flexibility as part of the course to help you improve both strength and flexibility.

What are the fees for Aerial Silks Courses?

TBC.Please note that regular membership fees do not cover Aerial Hoop/Aerial Silks classes and courses.

What to wear and what to bring for Aerial Silks:
Tight fitting, long pants/leggings and a T-Shirt or vest top. No shoes or socks are worn during Silks training. Please bring your own sweat towel and bottle of water.

Where are the Aerial Silks Courses held?

The Pole Studio Pretoria


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