Aerial Hoop


New course dates:

Beginner and Next Level September 2017

Fully Booked! New dates to be announced soon.

R750/person. Fees are non refundable and non transferable

Venue: 442 Atterbury Road

About Aerial Hoop:
Exercising on the Aerial Hoop is one of the most fun ways of building strength, toning up, improving mobility and getting fit! It is a unique piece of apparatus originating from circus arts. It is a 100cm diametre circular steel ring that provides the perfect frame for acrobatic, body weight exercises. It provides an excellent platform for an endless combination of transitions and fluid movements!

The Aerial Hoop requires a skillful balance of strength, stamina and flexibility, something which you will progressively work on during the classes. As with any aerial skill, the core muscles are essential in being able to execute moves with confidence. The Aerial Hoop particularly targets upper body muscle groups, improving your range of motion and active flexibility.

FAQs Aerial Hoop

I am a beginner can I join?

Yes, the courses are suitable for absolute beginners as well as people who have done a hoop course before. Basic techniques are carefully worked through, before progressing to the next level. The teachers of the course will modify exercises to suit different ability levels.

Do I need to have reached a certain level in pole fitness before I can do Aerial Hoop?

No, you can just do Aerial Hoop if you want to, even if you have never done pole, or do not intend to start pole.

The techniques and combinations of each level on the Aerial Hoop need to be achieved before progressing upwards. This means that you can repeat each level as many times as you like.

Do I need to be flexible to do Aerial Hoop?

You do not need to be flexible to do Beginner Level Aerial Hoop. We do include conditioning and flexibility as part of the course to help you improve both strength and flexibility.

What are the fees for Aerial Hoop Courses/Classes?

A special course fee is required for Aerial Hoop Courses. R750 for a 5-week course.

Workshops normally cost R250 per session.

Course/Workshop fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Alternatively you can pay the ‘Drop In Rate’ R150 if there are still course spaces open.  Subject to availability!

What to wear and what to bring for Aerial Hoop:
Tight fitting, long pants/leggings and a T-Shirt or vest top. You can also bring a pair of shorts to wear as you may prefer training in shorts due to the additional grip behind your knees. No shoes or socks are worn during Hoop training. Please bring your own sweat towel and bottle of water as these things are not supplied at the Aerial Hoop venue.

Where are the Aerial Hoop Courses/Classes held?

Dragon Fitness 442 Atterbury Road, Menlo Park, Pretoria.