Advanced Pole Fitness

Our Advanced classes incorporate harder tricks, inverts, spins, holds and combinations. The moves in this level require greater strength than the previous levels and can take long periods of time to perfect. However once you have reached Advanced you will be mastering moves you never thought possible! If you are coming from another studio, in order to book onto our Advanced classes, you must be able to invert confidently, outside leg hang, inside leg hang, shouldermount and leg release.


ADVANCED POLE FITNESS AT DRAGON FITNESS (442 Atterbury Road) 18:00 on Wednesdays
Special weekly class at our second venue on Atterbury Road!


This class is very special since it takes place at a studio with 4metre competition style poles. During this weekly class Advanced moves, combos, spinning tricks, tumbles and drops will be taught to all Advanced Level students. This class is included as one of the weekly sessions to members, so no extra fee is charged. Alternatively you can use your ‘6 Session Card’ to book your place for this class.

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